About me

    I enjoy my job and I am proud of my career that I have attained. I'm a respected member of my organization and have led to its growth. My job usually means a lot of communication with people and so a lot of stress. Therefore My hobbies and pursuits help me to cope with this dilemma.  Hi. My name is Brigitte Saenz Atencio. I'm 36 years of age. I Am an HR director in a big company in Spain. Right now I live . My husband divorced me a couple of years ago. Most probably it was because for me work was always at the first position and I didn't spend enough time with my family. I'm a busy person in my life, I really do fitness, I love to travel, see good films and if possible go to events linked to the movie market. I try to choose what I can from life.   One of my favourite pastimes is betting, I try if possible when I can find free time to attend a casino together with friends, to have fun there because it ought to be. It appears that I don't have sufficient free tim